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Getting Set up and Connected

I. Software/Hardware

The server works on hardware or via emulator. Emulator users include PC, Xbox One Series X, and the Steam Deck. Click the links below to read about what you need.

II. Get the games

The server works with NTSC-J copies of Biohazard Outbreak and Biohazard Outbreak File #2. For help with ripping the original discs to ISO files, see Ripping original discs to ISO.

III. Create an account

Register at obsrv. Make sure you use an email address that works, since we require email activation. Do us a favor and mark our email as "not spam" if it lands in your spam box.

IV. Optional: Apply Translation Patch

Learn how to translate the game into other languages.

V. Set up your network settings

VI. Check out other optional improvements:

VII. Using the server

See Playing Online for the basics

VIII. Cheat sheet and Character Guide

Stop by Cheat Sheet for some really detailed info about the scenarios, quick puzzle solutions, and character stats.

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Page last modified on March 06, 2023, at 04:08 AM