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Getting Set up and Connected

I. Decide what to play on

The server works well on:

  • Original PS2s that can play Japanese region games, either natively or on *any* region PS2s that are exploited
  • Certain model PS3s with backwards compatible PS2 gameplay with net support, reportedly, model numbers starting with CECHA, CECHB, CECHC, or CECHE
  • Emulators such as PCSX2

a. PS2 Users

Read Playing on PS2 to understand what you need to have before beginning. Playing on PS2 might require a bit more setup in the beginning, but it is still a nostalgic and rock-solid way to play, even today.

b. PS3 Users

If you have a PS3 with the ability to play PS2 network games, you can hop online and play using the original discs if your PS3 model is NTSC-J, but for other regions and for loading speed/patch purposes, you must jailbreak your PS3 in order to run ISO files. Network setup should be the same as on a PS2, but some models may have issues passing the DNAS check, including receiving error -402 while connecting. If this is the case, after you have patched your ISO with any applicable modifications including the translation patch, use DNAS-net Patcher by krHACKen to patch your ISO to bypass the check. Note: you still need to own the original discs as we do not promote piracy.

c. Emulator Users

PCSX2 is by far the most common emulator, and with the 1.7.0 nightly, now easily supports network play on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Emulators aren't just good for playing on a laptop or desktop anymore, either - some of our users have connected via PS2 emulators on a Steamdeck and Xbox One X!

Read Playing on Emulator for what you need to play.

II. Get the games

The server works with NTSC-J copies of Biohazard Outbreak and Biohazard Outbreak File #2. For help with ripping the original discs to ISO files, see Ripping original discs to ISO.

III. Create an account

Stop by and click "register." Make sure you use an email address that works, since we require email activation. Do us a favor and mark our email as "not spam" if it lands in your spam box.

Reference document drafted by the_fog: how to register.

IV. Optional: apply the translation patch

Silent Hell's translation patches do two nice things:

  • translate the entire game, with few minimal exceptions, into English.
  • applies a patch for easy entry of half-width text. Without it, text is entered by default in full width, which is much more clumsy and results in fewer characters allowable per message/user name. With the half-width patch you can type in a longer username and type messages in English much more easily. To toggle between full-width and half-width text, press L2.

You can apply these to your ISOs before transferring to your PS2 HDD/burning to DVD, or load the patched games in PCSX2, including installing to virtual HDD using HDLoader OPL.

The previous site for the patches is still up at Resouttrans.

Note: did not create and does not officially endorse the patches. It is included here for informative purposes.

V. Set up your network settings

VI. Check out other optional improvements:

VII. Check out Playing Online for some information about using the server once you are connected.

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Page last modified on October 23, 2022, at 01:26 AM