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File 2 Additional Area Descriptions

Originally posted by Silent Hell on the forum.

File 2 Areas List

While Free Area is generally the default and most populated area, each of the other areas has its own gameplay characteristics. Here is an explanation for each:

Free Area: Vanilla gameplay. Can select scenarios, eliminations, or showdowns.

Nightmare: Nightmare mode is on. Enemies deal double damage. Healing items restore 75% as much HP, except for George's capsule shooter which heals twice as much, and first aid spray is still a full heal

Survival: Friendly Fire is on. Teammates can damage each other.

Panic: Combination of Nightmare and Survival. Nightmare mode and friendly fire are both on.

Infinity: Infinite ammo for all guns. First aid sprays are infinite. Melee weapons never lose durability when attacking walls, doors, or enemies. Throw able projectiles are also infinite.

Item Hunt: Special items twinkle to reveal their location. Your score will also be multiplied at the end of the game.

Testing: Currently hosting Half-Horror mode. Nightmare is on, 50% starting infection rate, and Special items twinkle to reveal their location.

Elimination: Only Elimination games are playable.

Showdown: Only Showdown games are playable.

SECRET Area: Currently hosting Horror mode. Nightmare is on, 80% starting infection rate, and Special items twinkle to reveal their location.

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Page last modified on October 03, 2022, at 02:38 PM