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Spawn Positions (Very Hard)

 Player 1 (Host)Player 2Player 3Player 4
StalkerCart near entranceCart away from entranceCart near entranceCart away from entrance
Tyrant RClose to Tyrant R, near rubbleNear stairs

Showdown 3 Very Hard Boss Aggro Priority List Version FINAL 4.0 (Guide by myabsolution)

What is "AGGRO"?

"Aggro" is the way in which a boss decides on targeting and attacking one player over another. If a player has primary "Aggro" this means the boss or enemy will attack them and largely ignore other players unless they get in the way. However, if the primary target is incapacitated (floored and crawling), dead, or recently injured, the boss may switch targets to the secondary target. If the boss' primary target and secondary target are dead or incapped, the boss will then switch to the tertiary aggro target. Every boss has its own individual aggro radius. If a player with primary aggro is out of this range, the boss will then go for a secondary target that is within his range to attack.

Example 1: Stalker Lion Boss does a leaping strike on his primary aggro target which lands and injures the player. The boss will then temporarily switch to the secondary aggro target and allow the primary target to recover, upon which time the boss will resume his attacks on the primary target. If Stalker's leaping strike hits both the primary and secondary target, then the tertiary target will be targeted briefly while both primary and secondary recover.

Example 2: A player who has primary aggro on a boss disconnects, freezes, dies, or leaves the game. The person who normally would have secondary aggro on that boss, will now become the primary aggro target. Tertiary target then inherits the secondary aggro target role.

Example 3: The game loads into the Tyrant-R battle and player 4 has primary aggro. However, player 4 has spawned on the other side of the battleground, behind the chopper. Since player 4 is effectively out of the range of Tyrant-R's aggro radius, the boss will immediately attack the secondary aggro target or next on its list for the interim. Should player 4 come into the aggro range of Tyrant-R and is spotted, the boss' aggro will switch back to its true primary target, player 4.

Why does this matter?

It will help you plan ahead as to who will have to lure the boss and who can safely run around. Let's pretend that the primary target gets downed and floored by Tyrant R and requires a player to pick them up. The worst possible player to revive the primary target would be the player with secondary aggro, as you could get insta-killed, or get injured further. Also if you are loading into a new boss fight on danger status, it would help knowing you have primary aggro so you can go on the defensive right away.

How is AGGRO determined?

Aggro lists in SD3 are directly tied with the item sets when you begin the game. There are four item sets for SD3. A through D. And each item set means there is a different aggro list that determines who is primary/secondary/tertiary/fourth target for each boss.

How do I know what item setup I am playing?

Generally we go by where the shotgun spawn placement is when the game begins at G-Mutant.

Item Setup A = Bottom-Left Corner

Item Setup B = Middle Center, under G-Mutant.

Item Setup C = Top-Middle, Left pickup in front of train

Item Setup D = Middle-Right side

Item Setup "A" Aggro list

BossPlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
Lioness 1FourthSecondaryPrimaryTertiary
Lioness 2PrimarySecondaryTertiaryFourth
Megabyte 1TertiaryPrimaryFourthSecondary
Megabyte 2FourthSecondaryPrimaryTertiary
Megabyte 3PrimarySecondaryTertiaryFourth
Tyrant BFourthSecondaryPrimaryTertiary
Tyrant APrimarySecondaryTertiaryFourth
Tyrant CFourthTertiarySecondaryPrimary

Item Setup "B" Aggro list

BossPlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
Lioness 1PrimarySecondaryTertiaryFourth
Lioness 2FourthTertiarySecondaryPrimary
Megabyte 1FourthSecondaryPrimaryTertiary
Megabyte 2PrimarySecondaryTertiaryFourth
Megabyte 3FourthTertiarySecondaryPrimary
Tyrant BPrimarySecondaryTertiaryFourth
Tyrant AFourthTertiarySecondaryPrimary
Tyrant CTertiaryPrimaryFourthSecondary

Item Setup "C" Aggro list

BossPlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
Lioness 1TertiaryPrimaryFourthSecondary
Lioness 2FourthSecondaryPrimaryTertiary
Megabyte 1FourthTertiarySecondaryPrimary
Megabyte 2TertiaryPrimaryFourthSecondary
Megabyte 3FourthSecondaryPrimaryTertiary
Tyrant BTertiaryPrimaryFourthSecondary
Tyrant AFourthSecondaryPrimaryTertiary
Tyrant CPrimarySecondaryTertiaryFourth

Item Setup "D" Aggro list

BossPlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
Lioness 1FourthTertiarySecondaryPrimary
Lioness 2TertiaryPrimaryFourthSecondary
Megabyte 1PrimarySecondaryTertiaryFourth
Megabyte 2FourthTertiarySecondaryPrimary
Megabyte 3TertiaryPrimaryFourthSecondary
Tyrant BFourthTertiarySecondaryPrimary
Tyrant ATertiaryPrimaryFourthSecondary
Tyrant CFourthSecondaryPrimaryTertiary

Item Location Guide by Nunes


#Set ASet BSet CSet D
1ShotgunHammerGreen HerbGreen Herb
2Green HerbGreen HerbMagnum HandgunSurvival Knife
3Red HerbGreen HerbBlue HerbHandgun Rounds (30)
4Magnum HandgunShotgunGreen HerbGreen Herb
5Survival KnifeMagnum HandgunGreen HerbRed Herb
6Handgun MagazineRed HerbHammerShotgun
7HandgunSurvival KnifeRed HerbHandgun Magazine
8Green HerbGreen HerbSurvival KnifeHandgun
9Blue HerbBatteryBlue HerbBurst Handgun
10BatteryRecovery Medicine (3)BatteryBlue Herb
11Blue HerbHandgun Rounds (30)Recovery Medicine (3)Blue Herb
12Handgun Rounds (30)Blue HerbBurst HandgunRecovery Medicine (3)
13Recovery Medicine (3)Burst HandgunHandgun Rounds (30)Battery
14Burst HandgunBlue HerbHandgunHammer
15Green HerbHandgun MagazineShotgunMagnum Handgun
16HammerHandgunHandgun MagazineGreen Herb

Giant Leech

#Set ASet BSet CSet D
1Shotgun Rounds (14)Green HerbIron PipeGrenade Launcher (Burst/3)
2Grenade Launcher (Burst/3)Iron PipeHandgun Rounds (30)Newspaper + Bottle
3Handgun Rounds (30)Shotgun Rounds (14)Grenade Launcher (Burst/3)Acid Rounds (3)
4First Aid SprayFirst Aid SprayHammerHammer
5Newspaper + BottleHandgun Rounds (30)First Aid SprayFirst Aid Spray
6HandgunAnti Virus (1)Green HerbShotgun Rounds (14)
7Acid Rounds (3)Grenade Launcher (Burst/3)Newspaper + BottleFirst Aid Spray
8First Aid SprayNewspaper + BottleRed HerbGreen Herb
9Blue HerbFirst Aid SprayAnti Virus (1)Handgun
10Red HerbAcid Rounds (3)First Aid SprayBlue Herb
11HammerHammerGreen HerbAnti Virus (1)
12Anti Virus (1)Green HerbHandgun MagazineGreen Herb
13Iron PipeHandgunShotgun Rounds (14)Handgun Rounds (30)
14Green HerbHandgun MagazineHandgunIron Pipe
15Handgun MagazineBlue HerbAcid Rounds (3)Red Herb
16Green HerbRed HerbBlue HerbHandgun Magazine


#Set ASet BSet CSet D
1Bomb SwitchNo itemNo itemHandgun
2Handgun Rounds (20)BatteryNo itemAnti Virus (3)
3Iron PipeNewspaper + BottleNo itemBomb Switch
4Blue HerbBomb SwitchBatteryHandgun Rounds (20)
5Anti Virus (3)No itemGreen HerbGreen Herb
6Green HerbBlue HerbHandgun Rounds (20)Newspaper + Bottle
7Newspaper + BottleHandgun Rounds (20)Anti Virus (3)No item
8Grenade Launcher (Burst/3)Green HerbNewspaper + BottleIron Pipe
9BatteryNo itemGrenade Launcher (Burst/3)No item
10No itemAnti Virus (3)No itemBattery
11No itemIron PipeBomb SwitchBlue Herb
12No itemHandgunGreen HerbGrenade Launcher (Burst/3)
13No itemGrenade Launcher (Burst/3)Iron PipeNo item
14Green HerbGreen HerbRed HerbRed Herb
15Red HerbRed HerbHandgunNo item
16HandgunNo itemBlue HerbGreen Herb


#Set ASet BSet CSet D
1Red HerbGreen HerbLighterHandgun Rounds (15)
2Iron PipeHandgunSurvival KnifeSpear
3Handgun Rounds (30)First Aid SprayHandgunIron Pipe
4First Aid SprayHandgun Rounds (15)First Aid SprayHandgun Rounds (30)
5Green HerbRed HerbHandgun Rounds (15)First Aid Spray
6Handgun Rounds (15)LighterRed HerbGreen Herb
7Green HerbShotgun Rounds (14)No itemNo item
8No itemNo itemGreen HerbRed Herb
9Survival KnifeGreen HerbFirst Aid SprayAssault Rifle
10Assault RifleFirst Aid SpraySpearFirst Aid Spray
11BatteryAssault RifleGreen HerbSurvival Knife
12SpearSurvival KnifeAssault RifleBattery
13LighterIron PipeShotgun Rounds (14)Green Herb
14HandgunBatteryHandgun Rounds (30)Shotgun Rounds (14)
15Shotgun Rounds (14)Handgun Rounds (30)Iron PipeLighter
16First Aid SpraySpearBatteryHandgun


#Set ASet BSet CSet D
1Red HerbRed HerbBlue HerbNo item
2Iron PipeIron PipeGreen HerbSurvival Knife
3Survival KnifeSurvival KnifeIron PipeNewspaper + Bottle
4Newspaper + BottleAcid Rounds (3)Survival KnifeSpear
5Handgun MagazineNewspaper + Bottle.45 Rounds (7)No item
6No itemScrub BrushNo itemGreen Herb
7No itemGreen HerbRed HerbScrub Brush
8Handgun Rounds (15)Handgun Rounds (15)No itemBlue Herb
9.45 Rounds (7)No itemHandgun MagazineHandgun Rounds (15)
10Acid Rounds (3)SpearNewspaper + BottleGreen Herb
11Scrub Brush.45 Rounds (7)Green HerbHandgun Magazine
12SpearNo itemAcid Rounds (3)Acid Rounds (3)
13Green HerbGreen HerbSpearIron Pipe
14Blue HerbBlue HerbHandgun Rounds (15)Red Herb
15Green HerbHandgun MagazineScrub Brush.45 Rounds (7)

Zombie Elephant

#Set ASet BSet CSet D
1First Aid SprayBlue HerbGreen HerbHandgun Rounds (30)
2Green HerbHandgunBlue HerbFirst Aid Spray
3Blue HerbRed HerbHandgunGreen Herb
4HandgunGreen HerbRed HerbBlue Herb
5SpearBurst Rounds (2)No itemAssault Rifle
6No itemGreen HerbSpearIron Pipe
7Green HerbIron PipeBatteryRed Herb
8Iron PipeSpearAssault RifleBattery
9Red HerbBatteryGreen HerbHandgun
10Assault RifleNo itemIron PipeGreen Herb
11Handgun Rounds (30)Green HerbFirst Aid SprayGreen Herb
12Green HerbFirst Aid SprayNo itemBurst Rounds (2)
13Burst Rounds (2)No itemGreen HerbNo item
14BatteryAssault RifleHandgun Rounds (30)No item
15No itemHandgun Rounds (30)Green HerbGreen Herb
16Green HerbGreen HerbBurst Rounds (2)Spear

Zombie Lion

#Set ASet BSet CSet D
1Red HerbSpearHandgun Rounds (15)Handgun Rounds (15)
2HandgunNewspaper + BottleNo itemNo item
3Iron PipeGreen HerbNo itemNo item
4Green HerbHandgun Rounds (15)Red HerbRed Herb
5No itemBurst Rounds (3)Newspaper + BottleGreen Herb
6Handgun Rounds (15)Handgun Rounds (15)SpearSpear
7SpearNo itemHandgun Rounds (15)Handgun Rounds (15)
8No itemHammerShotgun Rounds (14)Shotgun Rounds (14)
9Handgun Rounds (15)Shotgun Rounds (14)No itemNo item
10Newspaper + BottleGreen HerbFirst Aid SprayFirst Aid Spray
11No itemFirst Aid SprayGreen HerbNewspaper + Bottle
12Green HerbHandgunBurst Rounds (3)Hammer
13HammerNo itemHandgunIron Pipe
14First Aid SprayRed HerbGreen HerbGreen Herb
15Shotgun Rounds (14)Iron PipeHammerBurst Rounds (3)
16Burst Rounds (3)No itemIron PipeHandgun


#Set ASet BSet CSet D
1SpearShotgunGreen HerbNo item
2No itemGreen HerbSpearBattery
3Green HerbMagnum Rounds (7)Acid Rounds (3)Green Herb
4Green HerbAcid Rounds (3)ShotgunSpear
5BatterySpearNo itemRed Herb
6Red HerbNo itemBatteryBlue Herb
7First Aid SprayGreen HerbRed HerbRed Herb
8Blue HerbHandgun MagazineGreen HerbFirst Aid Spray
9Handgun MagazineHemostat (3)Magnum Rounds (7)Green Herb
10Magnum Rounds (7)Blue HerbFirst Aid SprayAcid Rounds (3)
11Iron PipeIron PipeHandgun MagazineBlue Herb
12Red HerbRed HerbBlue HerbHemostat (3)
13ShotgunRed HerbHemostat (3)Handgun Magazine
14Hemostat (3)Blue HerbBlue HerbMagnum Rounds (7)
15Acid Rounds (3)First Aid SprayRed HerbShotgun
16Blue HerbBatteryIron PipeIron Pipe


#Set ASet BSet CSet D
1Shotgun Rounds (21)Grenade Launcher (Acid/6)SpearGreen Herb
2Handgun Rounds (15)First Aid SprayGreen HerbNo item
3First Aid SprayRed HerbBurst Rounds (3)Green Herb
4SpearNo itemRed HerbFirst Aid Spray
5Recovery Medicine (3)Recovery Medicine (3)No itemNo item
6Red HerbShotgun Rounds (21)Green HerbBurst Rounds (3)
7No itemGreen HerbShotgun Rounds (21)Red Herb
8HammerHammerRecovery Medicine (3)Recovery Medicine (3)
9No itemNo itemHandgun Rounds (15)Grenade Launcher (Acid/6)
10Green HerbBurst Rounds (3)Grenade Launcher (Acid/6)Shotgun Rounds (21)
11Burst Rounds (3)Green HerbGreen HerbGreen Herb
12Blue HerbBlue HerbHammerHammer
13Green HerbSpearFirst Aid SprayHandgun Rounds (15)
14Green HerbGreen HerbNo itemNo item
15Grenade Launcher (Acid/6)Handgun Rounds (15)No itemSpear
16No itemNo itemBlue HerbBlue Herb


#Set ASet BSet CSet D
1Survival KnifeGreen HerbRed HerbBattery
2Green HerbBatteryGreen HerbSurvival Knife
3HammerRocket LauncherHandgun Rounds (15)Assault Rifle Clip
4No itemHammerAssault Rifle ClipGreen Herb
5Green HerbBurst Rounds (3)Green HerbBlue Herb
6Red HerbIron PipeRocket LauncherHammer
7Green HerbRed HerbIron PipeRed Herb
8Assault Rifle ClipHandgun Rounds (15)HammerNo item
9Handgun Rounds (15)Blue HerbBurst Rounds (3)Green Herb
10Iron PipeGreen HerbGreen HerbRocket Launcher
11Rocket LauncherGreen HerbBlue HerbHandgun Rounds (15)
12Green HerbAssault Rifle ClipNo itemRed Herb
13Red HerbNo itemGreen HerbIron Pipe
14BatteryRed HerbRed HerbGreen Herb
15Burst Rounds (3)Survival KnifeBatteryGreen Herb
16Blue HerbGreen HerbSurvival KnifeBurst Rounds (3)


#Set ASet BSet CSet D
1Iron PipeGreen HerbBurst Rounds (5)Battery
2Green HerbHammerMagnum HandgunGreen Herb
3Green HerbAssault RifleHammerHandgun
4Magnum HandgunGreen HerbNewspaper + BottleHammer
5ShotgunShotgunNewspaper + BottleHandgun Rounds (30)
6HandgunNewspaper + BottleAssault RifleMagnum Handgun
7Handgun Rounds (30)Handgun Rounds (30)ShotgunFirst Aid Spray
8HammerHammerGreen HerbAssault Rifle
9First Aid SprayFirst Aid SprayHandgun Rounds (30)Hammer
10Assault RifleIron PipeHammerNewspaper + Bottle
11Newspaper + BottleBatteryIron PipeGreen Herb
12Newspaper + BottleHandgunGreen HerbBurst Rounds (5)
13Green HerbNewspaper + BottleBatteryShotgun
14BatteryGreen HerbGreen HerbNewspaper + Bottle
15Burst Rounds (5)Magnum HandgunHandgunGreen Herb

Special Boss Notes/Considerations/Updates

(Version FINAL 4.0 Updated 04/06/16)

Latest Update: COMPLETED! I found the pattern that every aggro set repeats itself every fourth boss earlier at the end of 2015. That made it FAR EASIER to map an entire item set's aggro list because we didn't have to check every single boss if we knew the pattern (time saver!). So as of June 04, 2016 I mapped B, C, D with friends (in special thanks). There are essentially four aggro patterns and they are interchanged. Nothing super complex but it was hard to see a pattern and get the boss order list, and of course get people willing to do these tests :) These lists are now complete, and I am very thrilled. Hopefully someone (maybe no one!) can use it for knife runs or any specialty match for challenge runs.

Leech Boss: Leech boss aggro is possible by which it can be "lure-locked" based on who has primary aggro, which is fairly useful on specialty SD3 matches like speed runs/melee/knife runs.

General Info: Some bosses are absent such as Regis licker, as she does nothing special for her target over others. And Nyx has three separate aggros and it doesn't make much difference who has aggro. He will still walk into a wall instead of walk towards people :/

Special Thanks

People who helped me map the early SD3 Aggro Charts in 2014: nunes, EliminatorDemon, RE_Freak, Seraph, Silent Hell, and StuntmanSnake

BIG thanks to those in 2016 who helped me complete A, and finished B, C, D: nunes, Assassinman23, and REFan988/ResidentEvil988

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