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Reporting Server Problems And Other Problems To The Mods

From time to time, some of the following issues may arise:

  • One or both of the Outbreak servers stop functioning;
  • A user is stirring up trouble or posting inappropriate content in the Shoutbox or on the Discord; or
  • Someone is using cheats in a game without other users' consent, is using Turbo mode (disabling the frame limiter and increasing FPS), or is breaking some other rule.

If this happens, the two fastest ways to get in touch are by:

  • Ringing the modbell. Make sure to include any details we need to find and address the problem; or
  • Contacting one of the admins on Discord.

If something is less urgent, send us a PM on the forums.

Keep in mind that while we will try to deal with issues as quickly as possible, we won't always be able to address an issue instantly.

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Page last modified on October 02, 2022, at 04:05 AM