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Faster Loading

Load the game faster using the methods below:

  • The QuickLoading method:
    • Newest and fastest, but is so far only compatible with 1.7.0 nightly on Windows or Mac OS. Note that if you choose this method, you can still use the virtual HDD methods below, as long as you disable use of the virtual HDD when you want to use the quick-load method.
  • HDD Install
    • This method is older but will work on PS2 and older versions of PCSX2 in addition to 1.7.0 on any OS.
    • PS2
      • Follow the ps2 HDD setup guide, and optionally, the official game HDD option. Both can be used together.
    • PCSX2
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Page last modified on October 01, 2023, at 03:39 PM