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We realize that perusing months worth of topics in order to find the answers to particular questions can be frustrating. Below are answers to the most common questions.

What is this project?

This is an effort to create a functional server for the Biohazard Outbreak games.

Which versions of the game does the server support?

Both of the NTSC/J (Japanese) Outbreak games are supported.

Although we hope that we will be able to create servers that will work with the NTSC/U and PAL versions of the game, we do not have packet captures for those versions. The NTSC/U and PAL versions used the SNAP service, while Japanese versions used KDDI. Reverse engineering a server without packet captures is extremely difficult and time consuming.

Keep in mind that the PAL version of Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 did not feature online multiplayer and there is nothing we can do about this.

What is the status of the server?

The servers for both games are fully functional.

In File 1, "East Town" mode is currently functional, but sometimes places users in the wrong level and is otherwise unreliable.

Can I play?

Yes! Your user name and password are linked to your forum account. Create a forum account, and use those details to log in to the game server.

Using the in-game network set-up menu, set your first DNS server to "" If you need help setting up your network settings on an emulator, see below for a link to emulator set-up guides.

Are there any rules?

Please see the Gameplay rules. We want players to cooperate with each other. Keep in mind that we will be establishing at least one area (with friendly fire mode activated!) where players may do whatever they desire, with the exception of using cheats.

What will I need to access the server?

For recommendations, please see Hardware requirements. You will need a PlayStation 2 that is capable of playing Japanese region games and Japanese region copies of the Outbreak games that you would like to play. Be aware that you may modify a console from a different region to play Japanese games. For example, users may modify a US PlayStation 2 to play Japanese region games. If you have a "fat" model PS2, you will also need a broadband adapter. Bear in mind that you will need to pass the DNAS check. You can search for ways to bypass the DNAS check, but we will not discuss that here. PS2 "fat" users should consider using a hard drive and a program like HD Loader in order to significantly decrease load times.

Users can utilize emulators to connect to the server, but see below for an account of some emulator issues.

Can I play with an emulator?

Yes, but keep in mind that emulator users experience freezes and other problems. Results are completely inconsistent. Some users will experience no problems for days and suddenly be victim to multiple freezes, while other users cannot finish a game.

When you freeze in an online game, you are not the only one that will experience problems. We do not know the cause, but sometimes, emulator user freezes cause simultaneous freezes for PlayStation 2 users and other emulator users. Even if the other users do not freeze, you have left your teammates down a player.

We do not have a solution at the moment. We suggest that you play with a PlayStation 2.

For help setting up an emulator, and some tips and tricks, look at these topics:

Can more than one user play on the same network?

Yes, this will work absolutely fine. Multiple PlayStation 2's can connect to the server from within the same network.

A slight modification is necessary for emulator users that operate the Dev9 plugin in switched mode. The Dev9 plugin is hard coded to use the same MAC address, regardless of computer. This creates routing problems. Modifying the MAC address used in the Dev9 plugin solves this.

For more information, check out Hoxton's Thread for the new Dev9 plugin, Check out Gandi's post regarding the multiple EEPROM VMAC files for the Dev9 plugin.

Can I download the game?

We will not tolerate piracy discussion here.

I am new! What should I be aware of?

Do not join Very Hard games. You will only annoy veteran players and you will not learn how to play at higher difficulties. Find other new users and play at either the easy or normal difficulty settings until you are able to contribute at higher difficulties.

In order to discern the difficulty of a game, press R1 at the character select screen.

Feel free to suggest additions to this FAQ.

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Page last modified on December 30, 2020, at 01:44 AM