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We realize that perusing months worth of topics in order to find the answers to particular questions can be frustrating. Below are answers to the most common questions.

What is this project? hosts a reverse engineered server for Biohazard Outbreak.

Which versions of the game does the server support?

Both of the NTSC/J (Japanese) Outbreak games are supported.

But I don't read Japanese!

Don't fret if you do not speak Japanese - there are translation patches available that change all of the game text to English! We do not host them and we are not affiliated with them, but if you are interested, search for "Outbreak translation patch."

What about the US/EU versions?

We do not have packet captures for those versions. The NTSC/U and PAL versions used the SNAP service, while Japanese versions used a completely different service called KDDI. Reverse engineering a server without packet captures is extremely difficult and time consuming.

Keep in mind that the PAL version of Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 did not feature online multiplayer.

What is the status of the server?

The servers for both games are fully functional, with the exception of the original "auto-matching modes" (i.e. quick matches in File 2, "East Town" in File 1). These modes are unnecessary and would not see significant usage anyway. All other functions including creating, joining games, etc. are working.

Can I play?

Yes! Your user name and password are linked to your forum account. Create a forum account on, and use those details to log in to the game server. Reference document drafted by the_fog: how to register.

What will I need to access the server?

A copy of the game(s). Obtaining it is up to you, but a reminder that our Rules do not allow for discussion of piracy including sending or requesting ISO links. Users may connect from PS2, certain models of PS3, or platforms with emulators that have online support. PCSX2 on PC is by far the most popular choice but people have run emulators including PCSX2 on other hardware including Steam Deck and Xbox One X.

Is getting set up very hard and time consuming?

Absolutely not. If you're on an emulator, getting set up is a snap. Getting set up on a PS2 or PS3 requires a bit more investment, but is not extremely complicated. Head on over to Getting Connected to start.

Are there any rules?

Please see the Rules. We want players to cooperate with each other. Keep in mind that we will be establishing at least one area (with friendly fire mode activated!) where players may do whatever they desire, with the exception of using cheats.

Can more than one user play on the same network?

Yes, this will work absolutely fine. Multiple PlayStation 2's can connect to the server from within the same network, and as long as your emulator network setup is set to use "socketed" mode and you are using either the most recent CLR_Dev9 plugin (PCSX2 1.6.x and older) or the 1.7.0 nightlies, this is no problem on emulator either.

I am new! What should I be aware of?

We have communities for talking to other players to set up games or get help.

Do not join Very Hard games. You will only annoy veteran players and you will not learn how to play at higher difficulties. Find other new users and play at either the easy or normal difficulty settings until you are able to contribute at higher difficulties.

In order to discern the difficulty of a game, press R1 at the character select screen.

What if I need help connecting?

Stop by Troubleshooting and read on what to check and what information you need before you submit a help request, and where you can submit it.

Feel free to suggest additions to this FAQ.

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Page last modified on October 09, 2022, at 03:22 AM