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Why banning?

Banning is the most severe action a moderator can take if a member violates the gameplay or forum rules. Usually members/players should talk to each other in a civil way and discuss their problems beforehand.


A warning should be issued to every member in danger of being banned. In case of doubtless violations of the rules or terms of use a warning can be dispensable. It is also dispensable if the warned member will likely not rethink his/her behaviour. It is up to each moderator to choose appropriate actions.

Examples of bannable behavior

  • posting content not in accordance with the forum terms of use (for example spam, warez-links, sexual explicit content)
  • insulting other members of the forum
  • impersonating other members of the forum
  • evading an already existing ban

How do I find out if I'm banned, and for how long?

Most bans aren't permanent. If you log in to the forum, you will see a message with the reason and information on when the ban expires. However, things like this makes a permaban much more likely:

  • ban evasion;
  • repeat offenses despite temp bans and warnings.
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Page last modified on October 02, 2022, at 04:50 AM