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Why banning?

Banning is the outmost action a moderator can take if a member violates the gameplay or forum rules. Usually members/players should talk to each other in a civil way and discuss their problems beforehand. If you need the help of a moderator when dealing with another member you can also use the mediations subforum.


A warning should be issued to every member in danger of being banned. In case of doubtless violations of the rules or terms of use a warning can be dipensable. It is also dispensable if the warned member will likely not rethink his/her behaviour. It is up to each moderator to choose appropriate actions.

Examples for being banned

  • posting content not in accordance with the forum terms of use (for example spam, warez-links, sexual explicit content)
  • insulting other members of the forum
  • impersonating other members of the forum
  • evading an already existing ban


A banned user can try to convince the moderators to take back the ban. The eMail address unbanme['at']obsrv['dot'].org has been created solely for this purpose. The earliest chance is 4 weeks after the ban has been set. Moderators will review the ban and vote on it. Then banned user will be informed about the result.

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Page last modified on May 30, 2014, at 09:33 PM