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Whether you're trying to diagnose a connection issue or ask for help, below is the information you'll need.

I. Invisible network settings:

Press F9 to switch to software mode. Switch back to hardware mode after you are done by pressing F9 again.

II. For network problems

Make sure your setup is correct

Follow the Guides for setting up on PS2 or PCSX2. If those do not work, you will be able to use Alternate DNS Setups to get connected.

a. Get screenshots or pictures so we can help you.

Problems are usually because

Without knowing what your current settings are, it's more difficult and time consuming to give advice, so be sure to get a picture:

  1. of your PCSX2 network settings
  2. of your in-game settings. You can get to that screen by following this video.

Two easy methods of getting screenshots for emulator users:

  • F8 is generally the screenshot hotkey on PCSX2 and will place an image in the snaps folder under the PCSX2 directory
  • Snipping tool in Windows is a method to get shots of your PCSX2 network setup. Set the capture mode to "Window Mode" for the easiest time.

b. post on the forums or on Discord, in #troubleshooting.

Please describe what error you are receiving, when in the process it appears, what guides from the wiki you have tried, and include the screenshots so people can see your current setup.

III. Freezing

Bugs in the game can occasionally cause freezing during the Hellfire scenario in File 1, and more rarely the Desperate Times siege in File 2. See Freezing.

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Page last modified on February 21, 2023, at 02:31 AM