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Whether you're trying to diagnose a connection issue or ask for help, below is the information you'll need.

I. For network problems

A. Check if you can reach the obsrv DNS server

As mentioned in Alternate DNS Setups, if you've tried the quickest methods of connecting and can't load the login page, you're likely having an issue reaching our DNS server, either because your ISP is blocking alternate DNS servers, or your router is. Perform a quick check to see if you can reach our DNS server, and if not, then be sure to try the alternate DNS setups.

B. Make sure your setup is correct

1. Checking the in-game network settings

Get to the NET CONNECTION screen. PCSX2 users: If your screen is blank, press F9 to temporarily switch to software mode to see the values. Pres D-PAD DOWN until the cursor is over your network profile, and then press Triangle to bring up a quick list of settings that looks like this:

Quick setting screen

This screenshot is only for example purposes. Depending on your setup the values should be different. Make sure the settings are what they are supposed to be, depending on what type of method you are trying.

2. PCSX2 only

(a). If the network connection profile is in red and cannot be used

This means you are missing or did not activate or download the Dev9 plugin if you are on 1.6.x and older, or you did not activate ethernet. Make sure you have checked the box to enable ethernet in PCSX2 Network Settings/Dev9 plugin settings on PCSX 1.6.x and older.

(b). Checking the PCSX2 network settings

  1. Check your PCSX2 network setup and make sure it is set according to the method you are using.
  2. If you are using the fallback built-in DNS server method, open up your DEV9Hosts.ini file (for 1.7.x with wxWidgets UI), or your CLR_DEV9.ini file (1.6.x and older) and ensure the settings are correct. 1.7.x with QT UI users can simply make sure the Network & HDD settings are correct.

C. Ask for help

a. Get screenshots or pictures of your setup

Problems are usually because

  • The in-game connection profile is wrong
  • The PCSX2 network setup is wrong
  • You need to use one of the alternate DNS setups.

Without knowing what your current settings are, it's more difficult and time consuming to give advice, so be sure to get pictures:

  1. of the in-game settings
  2. of your PCSX2 network settings
  3. of your Dev9Hosts.ini or CLR_DEV9.ini file, depending on your PCSX2 version, if you are using the fallback PCSX2 DNS server method (II.b. above).

Two easy methods of getting screenshots for emulator users:

  • F8 is generally the screenshot hotkey on PCSX2 and will place an image in the snaps folder under the PCSX2 directory
  • Snipping tool in Windows is a method to get shots of your PCSX2 network setup. Set the capture mode to "Window Mode" for the easiest time.

b. post on the forums or on Discord, in #troubleshooting.

Please describe what error you are receiving, when in the process it appears, what methods from the wiki you have tried, and include the screenshots so people can see your current setup.

II. Freezing

Bugs in the game can occasionally cause freezing during the Hellfire scenario in File 1, and more rarely the Desperate Times siege in File 2. See Freezing.

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