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Lockpicking Chart

 EasyNormalHardVery Hard
Locker Room (Locker)
Room 203
→ Main Building 2F Hall

Rusty Key/Axe Locations

Hard/Very Hard only!
Use David's Lighter or the Lighter found in Room 202 to check these three rooms:

Main Building 2F Hall

Intensive Care Unit

Maintenance Access Route

NOTE: The Rusty Key ALWAYS spawns in the Intensive Care Unit on Very Hard Netplay.

Obtaining best ending

  • Thanks to Leny and Fatty DDongs for the information and screenshots below.*

Grab the files from the locations noted in the screenshots below. After defeating Dorothy in the ICU, you must battle Axeman until he runs off. Leave the hospital.

Grab Notebook
Grab Bundle of Papers
Grab Dirty Diary
Fight Dorothy
Fight Axeman
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