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Network Settings on PS2

You only need to set up your network settings once and it will work for File 1 and File 2.

i. Getting to the Network Settings utility

Enter the NETWORK PLAY menu from the Outbreak main menu screen. Press O on the prompts in order to go forward and accept creating or using the save on your memory card. In the "Connection" screen, select NETWORK CONNECTION.

Title screenMemory card warningNet file found
Game informs it will load from memory cardChoose top option, 'Network Connection'Accept proper manners warning
Enter the 'Edit Network Configuration'Press UP to select YES, then O

ii. Adding a new connection in the Network Settings utility

The game loads the Network Settings utility. If you're running from HDLoader, this may not work. Either run from OPL, or from DVD mode. Use O to select options and RIGHT on the Dpad to advance forward.

1:Choose Add Setting2:RIGHT3:Press O, then RIGHT
Add SettingBeginning of Setting Guide Mode, RIGHT on Dpad to advanceSelect the only available option, SCE/Ethernet by pressing O, then RIGHT
4:Confirm5:Not Required6:Auto
ConfirmPPPoE is not required, select bottom settingChoose Auto, top setting
7:Manual8:Input entire DNS IP is input, press RIGHT
Select 'Manual,' bottom optionEntering IP is entered, press RIGHT
10:Accept the name or create your own11:Scroll through the settings by using the analog stick UP or DOWN to verify. You should see Auto IP, Primary DNS is set to, Secondary not set. Press O12:Press OK
Name select, press RIGHT when doneVerifying IP set to Auto, Primary DNS set to, Secondary not setSave completed, OK
13:No need to test connection, but it does not make a difference14:Return to Network Settings Menu15:Press X to back out
Press no to skip connection testingOK to return to Network Settings MenuReturned to Network Settings Menu, press X
16:Press DPAD LEFT to select Quit, then press O to return to game
DPAD left to select Quit, O to Quit Network Settings and return to game

iii. Verifying the new connection profile and connecting

Return to the game, select NETWORK PLAY from main menu screen, choose top option at CONNECTION screen as before. Move the DPAD DOWN until the cursor is on top of the connection profile you created. Press TRIANGLE to bring up the settings and verify you have set the network configuration correctly.

Press TRIANGLE on your network profile to verify settings.

If yours matches above, then press TRIANGLE to dismiss the connection information. Press O to choose the connection, and connect.

Problems Connecting

If this does not work, head on over to Alternate DNS Setups. If you're having trouble following any of the steps, still can't get your connection setup working, or need clarification, stop by Troubleshooting for a list of things to go over and how to submit a troubleshooting request.

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Page last modified on February 21, 2023, at 03:21 AM