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Hard Disk Drive Info

The purpose of this page is to clear up any confusion regarding the "HDD" mode featured in the game and the unofficial HDD method to play Outbreak. This page is only applicable to users with PlayStation 2 hardware.


When the Outbreak games first released, the games included an "HDD Install" option. If users owned an official Sony Hard Disk Drive, they could use the in-game "install" option to decrease load times. The rapid load times came with a catch, however: HDD install users could only use their disk drives in-game with other users that owned disk drives. In other words, if these users wanted to play with quicker load times, they could not join games with users loading from a DVD, and vice-versa. Of course, users with HDD installs could still play games with DVD users, but they would have to accept the slower DVD load times to do so.

Later, homebrew developers devised a method to use any hard drive with the in-game install option.

Eventually, homebrew developers released programs such as OPL and HDLoader. These programs do not use the in-game HDD option. Instead, they install the entire game to the hard drive. This means that users can play games without any DVD in the disk drive, and if they create games, the games will appear as "DVD" games. These programs allow DVD disk users to play with HDD users, but DVD users are often left behind due to the slower loading times. The vast majority of users that play with HDDs use these programs, and users rarely use the official HDD method.

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