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HDD Install

Whether you're on PS2 or on PCSX2, you should install and run off of HDD if you want quicker load times.

Using HD Loader or OpenPS2 Loader vs. In-game official install

There are 2 methods for using a HDD/virtual HDD to play Outbreak:

  • Copying the entire game to HDD and using HDD loading homebrew software to load it
  • The official in-game install options.

In short, the vast majority of users are not using the "HDD Install" option present in the game main menu. It will work and is definitely an alternative, but will only work with other users that installed using that option. See more info in Understanding the HDD modes. However, installs using both methods can co-exist on the same HDD/virtual HDD as long as there is enough space and will not interfere with each other. Both methods are covered here, and you may set up either in any order.

Checklist for PS2, using either the HDL/OPL or in-game method

  • "Fat" PS2. Slim PS2s cannot use a hard drive
  • Ps2 Broadband adapter
  • HDD. Either the official SONY HDD, or any IDE HDD/SATA drive with a SATA to IDE adapter for the broadband adapter. Warning: If not using the official SONY drive, you will need to format the drive, so if you have any files on it you'd like to keep, make a backup before using with PS2! The official SONY drive is likely already formatted correctly.
    • If not using the official SONY HDD, you will need a way to play backup discs as you will need to patch your ISO to accept non-SONY HDDs.
  • Required HDD space
    • HDL/OPL Method
      • 4.6GB each for File 1 and File 2
    • Official Install
      • 1024 MB for file 1
      • 1152 MB for file 2
  • For using the HDL/OPL method, you need to have a way to launch homebrew software, either through using a mod chip or using a software exploit like FreeMcBoot.
  • USB thumb drive, formatted as FAT32 (optional). Easy way to transfer to and run software from your PS2, such as the HDL/OPL software.

HDL/OPL method

Required software

On PS2

  • An exploit installed on your PS2 that allows you to launch homebrew, whether it be a mod chip or a software exploit like FreeMcBoot. FreeMcBoot does not require any hardware modifications and some places sell memory cards with FreeMcBoot preinstalled. One guide that appears to be comprehensive, if old, is courtesy of user Jay-Jay at ps2-home.
    • There is also a more recent exploit method that only requires burning a DVD, FreeDVDBoot. With FreeDVDBoot, you can run the DVD once to get your system into uLaunchELF. From there, you can run the FreeMcBoot installer by Jay-Jay and install FreeMcBoot to your memory card so that you will not have to boot from DVD.
  • A way to launch .elf files, which are PlayStation 2 executable files. wLaunchELF, formerly uLaunchELF, should come pre-installed with FreeMcBoot and is available from your main PS2 boot menu. It is, among other things, a file manager and .elf launcher. If you have a mod chip, configure its menu or check documentation on how to start wLaunchElf.
  • Software to transfer games onto the HDD. There are different ways to do this.
    • One is to use HD Loader and rip the game from the DVD, but depending on your region PS2, you will need to first insert an original game from your region with a big enough file table (US Outbreak File 1 is a good candidate), and when you reach the "title selection" screen, insert the backup/original copy of Japanese Outbreak. You would need a flip top or some method that allows changing discs without using the "eject" button, in order to change discs after HD Loader scans your original game.
    • Another is to use network transfer software such as HDL Dump/dumb. This involves running hdl_svr_093.elf on the PS2, and then opening hdl_dumb application on Windows in order to transfer the ISO over the network.

On emulator

  • HDLoader v. 0.8c ("HDLoader/HDL"): This is the best way to format and rip the ISO file into the virtual HDD

On both PS2 and emulator

  • Open PS2 Loader ("OPL") (optional), newer HD loading software. Recommended to use this as the code is newer and it will allow you to access the Network Settings application in the Outbreak game. HDLoader won't load that, so you would need to go back to ISO to setup the network if you don't use OPL.

The full install

On PS2

Formatting the HDD

  1. Format your USB drive as FAT32 if it is not formatted that way already. Warning: formatting deletes any files currently present on the USB drive. Back up your files first.
  2. Move the .ELF files for HDLoader onto the USB stick. You'll also want to move over any network transfer ELFs such as HDL_svr_093 or HDLInstaller.elf, and OPL if you will be using it. Note: make sure to also copy over the lang folder for HDLInstaller.elf.
  3. Safely eject the drive in Windows, remove the stick from your PC, and insert it into the PS2 front USB slot, either one should be fine.
  4. Turn on the PS2 and start up uLaunchELF/wLaunchELF. If you installed FreeMcBoot this should be an option in your main PS2 menu.
  5. In uLaunchELF, press O to enter FileBrowser, navigate to MISC,then HddManager.
Enter  FileBrowserNavigate to Mass
Enter HddManager
  1. At the PS2 HDD MANAGER screen, press R1 to call up the menu. '''Final warning: The steps below will format the drive, deleting all of the data present. Do not do this unless you are confident that you have backed up any files on the drive that you need to keep.
Ps2 HDD Manager screenPress R1 to bring up menu
Select FormatDrive is now formatted

Deploying the games to the HDD

Ripping DVD direct to HDD

Although using network transfer software is recommended, it is possible to rip either the original DVDs to the HDD using HD Loader, or rip from a DVD backup, including any changes such as the translation patch. You will need a flip top, or some other way to swap the DVD without pressing open drive/eject.

  1. In uLaunchELF/wLaunchELF, navigate to FileBrowser, then Mass:, then start HDL_V0.8C.ELF
  2. In HD Loader, select Install. Insert an original game from your region. If you are on a Japanese PS2 and are ripping original Biohazard Outbreak discs, you can simply insert the Outbreak disc now.
Select Install
Insert game
  1. HD Loader will prompt for a game name, and the DVD should stop spinning. At this point, swap out the original DVD from your region, if not ripping the original to a Japanese PS2, and swap in your backup disc or original Outbreak disc. Name it whatever you would like.
Name the game
  1. HD Loader will rip the DVD. This may take about 20-30 minutes or so, then you will receive a complete notification.
Name the game
Ripping complete
  1. If you are going to play the game straight from HD Loader, you will need to press Select button on the name of the ripped Outbreak game, and activate Kill HDL after launch.
Ripping complete
  1. The game is installed to the HDD and you are now ready to play. It is recommended that you use OPL to play games instead, though, because 1) HD Loader will not allow you to edit the network settings in Outbreak since launching the network application does not work when launched from HD Loader, and 2) OPL is newer and still maintained.
Using HDLoader Installer to transfer games over the network.

Using network transfer software like HDLoader Installer is more convenient because it doesn't involve swapping discs, the software is newer, and you can also manage your installs over the network.

  1. In uLaunchELF/wLaunchELF, navigate to mass: then select HDLGameInstaller.elf.
  2. The application will attempt to connect if you have previous set your network settings in uLaunchElf. If you have not, you can press Select and enter the options screen, where you can set your network manually or enable DHCP to automatically pull the network settings from your router or other DHCP device on your network.
  3. On your PC, open HDLGManClient program.
  4. In "Server IP address," enter the IP from the upper right corner of the HDL Game Installer app on your ps2.
  5. You should now see a list of games installed to your PS2, if any. Click "Install new game...". Set the options, including title, the way that you like, and install the game. When you are done installing any games you would like, click "Disconnect" at the top of the program, and then press O on your PS2 to exit from HD Loader Installer. Your game is now installed to the HDD.
  6. Optional: The naming convention that HDL Game Installer uses works with OPL but is incompatible with HD Loader. If you insist on using HD Loader to play the game, you will need to rename the partition that HDL Game Installer created. In order to do this:
    1. In uLaunchElf/wLaunchElf, navigate to misc:
    2. Select HddManager
    3. Move the cursor using the d-pad until your game partition is selected
    4. Press R1 to bring up the menu, and select rename
    5. Delete the portion of the partition that is the game ID, e.g. "SLUS," so that the partition name is "PP.HDL.<whatever_name_you_selected>"


Creating a virtual drive

Optional: Creating a smaller virtual HDD file than the PCSX2 minimum

By default, the PCSX2 UI will not allow for creation of a virtual HDD file less than 40GB in 1.7.x nightlies or sizes other than preset sizes in 1.6.0. If you would like to create a virtual HDD file using the smallest possible amount of space while allowing enough room for install using either the OPL/HDL method for File 1 and File 2 or using the official install method, follow these steps:

  1. Open command prompt or Powershell and navigate to the folder where you would like the virtual HDD image to reside.
  2. Substitute whatever file name you would like in place of dev9hdd.raw below. The number 13958643712 is 13.0 GB represented in bytes. This should give us just enough with a small bit of headroom:
    fsutil file createnew dev9hdd.raw 13958643712
  3. Open the ps2 ini file with HDD parameters, and set the values to the following, making sure to set the path to the HDD file to wherever you chose to store it:
    • 1.7.0 nightly with QT UI: inis\PCSX2.ini
    HddEnable = true
    HddFile = C:\Users\generic\Downloads\pcsx2\hdd\dev9hdd.raw
    HddSizeSectors = 27262976
    • 1.7.0 nightly with wxWidgets UI: inis\PCSX2_vm.ini
    • 1.6.0: inis\CLR_DEV9.ini
  4. Save the ini file. Skip ahead to formatting the virtual HDD.
On PCSX2 Nightly 1.7.x with QT or wxWidgets UI

  1. Click Settings --> Network & HDD
1.7.x Network & HDD UI, click create image 1.7.x Network & HDD UI, click create image
  1. Under "Hard Disk Drive," check the "Enabled" box.
  2. Browse to where you would like to place the virtual HDD file, or use the pre-set option. Set the size to whatever you would like, but the minimum is sufficient for installing both games.
  3. QT UI users only: Click "Create Image."
On PCSX2 Nightly 1.6.x and older
  1. Click config --> Dev9 --> Plugin Settings
  2. Check the "Enable HDD" box
Enable HDD
  1. Click the "Options" button next to "Enable Hdd"
Set location, and set size to 10
  1. Stay with the default file location or click "Browse" and select your own.
  2. Set the HddSize to 20 GiB in 1.6.0x, the minimum of 40 GiB in 1.7.0x, or more if you'd like, but 20 will be more than sufficient for both games.
  3. Click Apply.

Formatting the virtual drive and installing the game

We will do both through HDLoader.

  • On 1.7.x with QT UI: Click "System" --> "Start File" and navigate to where you downloaded HDL_V0.8C.ELF
  • On 1.7.x with wxWidgets UI or 1.6.x and older: Click "System" "Run ELF," and do the same.
  1. HDLoader will start and prompt you to format the drive. Press Continue.
Click continue to format drive.
  1. Make sure the DVD is inserted into the virtual drive.
  • On PCSX 1.7.x with QT UI: System --> Change Disc --> Select your Outbreak ISO
  • On PCSX 1.7.x with wxWidgets UI, 1.6.x and older: CDVD --> Click "ISO", then make sure "ISO Selector" is set to the Outbreak game.
  1. Follow the instructions for ripping DVD games on PS2, but ignore the steps concerning swapping out any games. Simply install the game.
  2. As in the instructions above, be sure to enable the option Kill HDL after launch after pressing Select on the game name if you want to play Outbreak from HD Loader, even though OPL is recommended.

Playing the games

  1. Start up OPL.
  • On PS2: In uLaunchElf/wLaunchElf, enter FileBrowser and browse to mass:, then the ELF file for OPL.
  • On PCSX2:
    • 1.7.x with QT UI: System --> Start File --> location of OPL elf
    • 1.7.x with wxWidgets or 1.6.x and older: System --> Run ELF --> Same
  1. In OPL, open Settings by pressing X.
Open Settings with X
  1. Set HDD Device Start Mode to Auto.
HDD Device Start Mode to Auto
  1. Press D-pad down until you reach OK, and press X.
  2. Select Save Changes and press X.
Navigate to Save Changes and press X
  1. Press O to access the Games List.
Select game and press X
  1. Select the game, and press X to run.

Official HDD Install Method

The in-game HDD install method is more restrictive because the benefit of the improved loading times from HDD will only work with others that used the in-game install option. Note the following for using this mode:

  • It will not conflict with the HDL/OPL methods listed above. The two may co-exist as long as you have adequate space on the HDD/virtual HDD
  • Offline play will run from the HDD
  • If you create a game online, the room will be joinable by official install HDD users only unless you switch the game to DVD mode
  • If you attempt to join a DVD game while in HDD mode, the game will ask if you would like to change to DVD mode. If you select yes, you will be able to join the game, but will play from DVD, and for the remainder of your online session, the game will be in DVD mode. In order to switch back to HDD mode, the user would need to disconnect and reconnect, or join an HDD game.
  • The game options menu allows for switching between DVD and HDD mode

As mentioned in the PS2 checklist, unless you have an official SONY HDD, you will need to patch your ISO and burn the patched ISO to a DVD.

PS2 Users without an official SONY HDD: modifying the game to use any HDD

Emulator users can skip to Install.

By default, the game will only allow installation to an official SONY HDD. However, the driver can be modified to ignore this requirement. Note you will not be able to play using the original discs if you use this option, since we need to hex edit one of the files on the DVD and then play on the PS2 using a DVD backup. Your PS2 will need to be able to play backup DVDs through the use of software or hardware modification.

Credits: a July 2003 document written by Septiego / Team PS2Ownz showing the general values to change to enable use of any HDD in PS2 games. Later, Spartian Labels created a tutorial on Biohazard Dawn that demonstrated that only one value needs to be changed for File 1. Using this information I ran checksum on the relevant files in File 1 and File 2 for HDD use and determined they are the same and can be modified the same way.

Required software:

  • Any hex editor that you are comfortable with
  • Software to replace a file within an ISO. One application that can do this is Apache PS2 v1.1.
  1. Mount your ISO File 1 or File 2 ISO. In Windows, you may right click the ISO and click Mount.
  2. Navigate to IOP\MODULES for File 1 or MODULES for File 2.
  3. Copy the ATAD.IRX file to anywhere on your computer.
  4. Open ATAD.IRX in a hex editor. Search for the hex string:
    This string is present six times in the file.
  5. Replace the last occurrence of D0FFBD2700210400FFFF8430 within the file which begins at address 0F7Ch with:
    Last of 6 instances of D0 FF BD 27 00 21 04 00 FF FF 84 30 beginning at address 0F7ChReplaced string with 211000000800E00300000000
  6. Save the modified ATAD.IRX file. If you would like to verify that you modified the file correctly, check the SHA-1 checksum using a program such as 7-zip. In 7-zip right click on the file and select CRC -> SHA-1. The SHA-1 value of the modified ATAD.IRX file should be:
  7. Open the ISO in Apache and navigate to where the ATAD.IRX module is located: IOP\MODULES for File 1, and MODULES for File 2. Click on the ATAD.IRX
  8. Click ISO Tools -> Update Selected File. Select the ATAD.IRX file that we modified with the hex editor.
    Click ATAD.IRX and ISO Tools --> Update Selected File. Replace with modified ATAD.IRX file
  9. The ISO is now patched. Note that you can replace ATAD.IRX with the same patched file in both File 1 and File 2. The ATAD.IRX module is the same in both. If you would like to check to make sure the file is replaced properly, use a program that can display the checksum such as 7-zip, enter your modified ISO, navigate to the ATAD.IRX file, and verify that the SHA-1 value is:
  10. Burn the modified ISO to DVD to play on PS2.


  1. Either your HDD if on PS2 or your virtual HDD if on emulator will need to be formatted. This is already done if you installed HDL/OPL per above. If not, click formatting PS2 HDD or creating a virtual drive for PCSX2.
  2. Start the Outbreak game, File 1 or File 2.
  3. In the main menu, select the HDD Install option.
    Select HDD Install
  4. The game will ask if you would like to install. Select yes.
    Select yes to installInstalling
  5. Now that the game is installed to HDD, HDD will be the default play mode. You may change to DVD mode in the options menu.
    Install successfulSwitch between DVD and HDD in options
    More info on using the in-game HDD method above.

Alternate method for quick-loading File 2 for PCSX2 only

Fothsid created a modified SLPM_656.92 executable file for File 2 that allows for loading the game from files instead of an ISO. This is particularly convenient for modders as testing modifications will not require rebuilding the ISO file. It also loads slightly faster than running from HD Launcher and OPL. However, it is only compatible with PCSX2-1.7.0 with wxWidgets UI. Please see Alternate File 2 Quick-loading Method for more information.

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