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Playing On Emulator

Basic Requirements

  • A ripped Playstation 2 bios. Emulators require a bios to function. We cannot supply this for you. If you need help on ripping a bios from your PS2, check the this guide courtesy of the PCSX2 website. It uses biosdrain.
  • ISO rips of the DVD games. Again, we cannot supply this for you and do not support piracy. The PCSX2 website also has a guide for ripping DVD games to ISO.
  • A copy of PCSX2. We recommend grabbing a copy of the 1.7.x nightly builds, but 1.6.0 stable and older will work. See our version comparison below for more information on the benefits and drawbacks of each.
    • This is personal preference, but we recommend the portable version, because all of the folders will be contained in one location on your PCSX2.

The PCSX2 website has has documentation including information on PCSX2 requirements and downloading and configuring PCSX2.

Version comparison and recommendation

We recommend that users download the nightly build of PCSX2, either with the QT UI or the WxWidgets UI. Try the AVX version first, but if that does not work, simply download the SSE4 version. The QT UI is a newer UI that the developers are still rounding out, but looks nice. The wxWidgets UI is in most ways similar or identical to the UI of the older PCSX2 versions. The differences extends beyond appearance, though:

QT version:

wxWidgets version:

Advantages of 1.7.x nightlies with either UI over 1.6.x and older:

  • No need to download a Dev9 plug-in, it is built-in
  • Much easier time using the Network Settings setup in-game - in 1.6.x versions and older, you are likely to be looking at a mess, with visuals shifted to the upper left and disjointed from the options selection, making the configuration more difficult, and much more so if needing to define a custom IP.
  • Much better support for online play on other OSs including Linux and Mac OS as the plugin is built-in to the code. In 1.6.x and below, users wanting to use CLR_Dev9, the best plugin for online play, would need to find a way to get the plugin compiled, which could be highly complex.

Nonetheless, 1.6.x and below still works.

Advantages of 1.6.x:

  • Not considered alpha/beta, so less subject to change and potential issues caused by recent code changes
  • Can use a tracker program to keep track of the current game data including teammates' position, health, inventories, and other game data including enemy health and item availability.

It is strongly recommended that if you want to use an older version, that you not use anything older than 1.6.0. There is no benefit to going lower than 1.6.0.

Optional emulator specific features

Keyboard setup for typing and chatting

Note: PS2 users can simply plug in a USB keyboard.

This works on 1.7.0 nightly with wxWidgets UI only, and is best used with the translation patch since the half-width patch included in the translation patch makes typing much easier.

  1. Click System --> Game Settings and make sure Enable Input Recording is not checked. This is because by default, Space is mapped to "advance frame," which will interfere with typing. Alternatively, copy the PCSX2_keys.ini.default file in the PCSX2 root directory into the inis folder, remove ".default" from the file name, and change any key bindings that might interfere, including the FrameAdvance binding.
  2. Click Config --> USB Settings
  3. Select HID Keyboard in Port 1, with Raw Input API as pictured
Select HID Keyboard for Port 1 and Raw Input API

Alternate Quick-loading Method for File 2

There is an optional quick-loading method for PCSX2 currently working only for File and not involving virtual HDD installation. See Alternate File2 Quick-loading Method.

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