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This Cheat Sheet was compiled by Silent Hell for personal use and has since expanded as a resource for players old and new to reference codes, lockpick solutions, etc for the Biohazard Outbreak Series. Each section is divided by scenario. The codes posted are for puzzles that do not require you to pick up a memo to input unless specified otherwise. If you have anything you think is worth adding to the Cheat Sheet, PM Silent Hell.

Special Thanks/Credits

The Fog

For restoring the server, giving me a reason and a place to host this cheat sheet.


For simplifying various puzzles, explaining the BFP Spawn Positions for me, and the extra lockpickable door in FB.

Seren and Coji

For creating the Character Stats charts.


For discovering how Showdown 3 boss Aggro works, and cataloging the charts.


For ripping the maps for the item guide and data mining NPC data for the NPC stats.

Dataspectre and Outbreak95

For correcting the Character Statistics charts and Data's lockpick data for FB.


For finding out the exact values for the File 3 Characters.


For updating the character charts with data from the Grand Bible.


For providing 99% of the lockpick pictures, and his info on Door HP.


For the mine maps.


For the snapshot of the puzzles.

Outbreak (gamefaqs)

For everything else.

Dan Birlew

For info on item spawns.

The Biohazard Outbreak File 2 Grand Bible

For keeping me on the path of righteousness.

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