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Alternate File 2 Quick-loading Method

Fothsid modified the SLPM_656.92 file within Outbreak File 2 in order to allow loading the game from local files instead of an ISO file. This has a couple of benefits:

  • Slightly faster loading times than either method of installing to virtual HDD
  • For modders, much more convenient mod testing, because there is no need to rebuild an ISO after making any modifications.
  • No need to use a virtual HDD file.

So far, the method only works with File 2 and only with PCSX2 1.7.0 with the wxWidgets UI.


Note: If you have installed File 2 to your virtual HDD using the in-game install option, make sure to disable your virtual HDD in the PCSX2 settings. By default the game will boot using the official HDD Install, which makes this method non-functional, and attempting to switch to DVD mode in the game settings will freeze the game.

  1. Download the file. hill73n was kind enough to package the required file and a README with instructions.
  2. Mount the ISO file. In Windows, right click the File 2 ISO and select "Mount." The ISO contents will become mounted as a DVD and available in Windows Explorer as an inserted DVD.
  3. Create a new folder for the File 2 contents anywhere you would like. Open the mounted virtual File 2 DVD, select all contents from the DVD, and drag them into your folder. Right click the virtual mounted DVD and click "Eject."
  4. Extract the SLPM_656.92 file from the zip archive you downloaded into the File 2 folder that you created, and overwrite the original.
  5. Configure PCSX2
  • Click System --> Game Settings --> Enable Host Filesystem
  • Click CDVD and make sure that ISO is selected and that the File 2 ISO file is selected under ISO Selector.
  1. Click System and Run ELF, on the right side drop down menu, change ELF Files (.elf) to All Files (*.*), navigate to the File 2 folder you made, and select the SLPM_656.92 file.

You are now running the game from the files in your File 2 folder. Any changes you make to the File 2 files will only require you to re-run the SLPM_656.92 file.

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Page last modified on October 23, 2022, at 01:23 AM