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Gameplay Rules

Players using the servers of must adhere to the following rules and restrictions:

  • Team killing of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • Players shall not take any action with the intent to impede the progress of other players. This includes, but is not limited to,
    • Obstructing doors
    • Using health or ammunition with the intent to make it unavailable to the other players
    • Hiding or refusing to utilize key items
    • Failing to come to the aid of other players without a reasonable basis to do so
    • Luring enemies towards other players
    • Triggering environmental hazards with the intent to cause harm to other players (e.g. exploding gasoline canisters near other players)
  • Players shall not use cheats of any kind, except players may do so in the secret area if they are part of the planned event.

Players should report violations of the above rules and regulations to a moderator. If server administrators find that a user has violated the above rules and regulations, possible actions include temporary or permanent bans from the server and forum.

To assuage some users' concerns regarding Very Hard games, we want to clarify that inexperienced players should not join games with a higher difficulty. Experienced players should politely ask newer players to leave the game. New users joining Hard and Very Hard games do so at their own risk. Should players find that an inexperienced player in a higher difficulty game is endangering the other players' welfare, they may ignore that player and continue playing the level.

The use of modificated games in online gameplay is not recommended as it is possibly dangerous and may affect your own gameplay experience and that of other players in the same game in a negative way. To our knowledge it is not possible to distinguish between an original and a modificated game in online play. Although we do not support the use of modifications on the server we are aware of the fact that those are used. Be fair and don't bother players using unmodified games. Use the TESTING area instead. Scorings are not saved in that area.

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