finally online and ready to play

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finally online and ready to play

Postby GiveMeVodka » Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:00 pm

    • hello all, feel free to call me vodka, also known as GiveMeSomeVodka on xbox.

      when it comes to outbreak, i'm not a veteran player by any means. and it's been so long that i've played this game that i just have no clue what to do anymore, besides the outbreak scenario. and that really excites me, because it's like experiencing this great game like new again.

      feel free to play with me. i usually play as yoko for the lols, because i just like to be the packmule and support character. i'm really rusty, so bear with me. i just played boss attack mode and just helplessly watched my team mates do all the work because i just had NO idea what to do after having spent my 14 magnum bullets LOL.

      other than yoko, i'll play as any other character who can get the job done. but i'll never pick the same character type as another player.

      if you have xbox and if the connection allows it, we should join a party and play together - if that's possible.

      see ya.

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