greatful to those who brought this server back

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greatful to those who brought this server back

Postby medcrazed » Sat Jul 23, 2016 3:46 am

Hi I have been registered here for around a year now. I have a fat ps2 with HDD and network adapter. running Free M.C.boot/Ulaunch elf.
i just recently decided to connect to this server. i used to play the SNAP server a long time ago. both outbreaks

after reading many posts it appears that that the proper etiquette is for us newbies (noobs is quite offensive to me by the way) is to not play very hard games as it would be annoying to the regulars.I respect that.
i am not new to any of the resident evil games. i played the first resident evil directors cut 1996 on the original PlayStation one the week it came out i have all of them. i am just not that good at outbreak 1 or file 2, bio hazard if you must. sigh. so my point is that most all games on this server are very hard games. therefore i do not join out of respect. its just kind of frustrating. i wish to play but if im not that good people will just block me out. which i believe is just. any solutions?

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Re: greatful to those who brought this server back

Postby alexevil » Sat Jul 23, 2016 1:52 pm

I think like you, when you play very hard with other stops being fun to think about not ruin the game for others.

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Re: greatful to those who brought this server back

Postby AssassinMan23 » Sat Jul 23, 2016 4:35 pm

There isnt a point to joining a private server like this only to NOT play on a team. It is a multiplayer game by design. Join VH games. its the only way you learn how to be a better team player. I ruined my fair share of games when I first joined but you know what? its in the past. It's done. Through all of my mistakes I became much better and now I can join anyones games without having to worry about being dead weight.

If you mess up a game and people get annoyed, oh well. You are just trying to get better. Typically people will give you tips or pointers if you are doing something wrong. Be present on the shoutbox and communicate with your team so your chances of fucking up are reduced.

Use the server for what it is intended for. Play with the community, regardless of skill.

Also, welcome to the server.
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Re: greatful to those who brought this server back

Postby Natsu Dragneel » Sun Jul 24, 2016 9:10 am

Indeed, but not only you are the only one greatful(grateful), but everyone here is, they have all been waiting for a long time same as you, now its back, its best to make the best of it.

Welcome to the server dear new friend, hope we can have of all greatest moments together!
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