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Recapturing memories.

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 8:20 pm
by Kagato
I'm one of those who played RE Outbreak a lot when it first came out. File 1 and File 2. Now, all these years later, I've been wanting to revisit this game and all the online shenanigans it brings. And I'm sure with things like discord, communication and organization in matches are that much easier.

I was never the speedrunner or griefer type. Always took my time to help those who were new or struggling with the game or certain areas. Maining Cindy, I felt like I was always helping by being the healer of the party.

I'm looking forward to recapturing those memories of the past, playing this game again online with similar-style players. No doubt I'll run into the occasional door-holding griefing in the Outbreak scenario or the occasional stickman min-maxing speed runner, but that was just part of the magic back then.

Glad this game is being kept alive by a community like this.