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Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2022 9:00 am
by rogueasexual
hello everyone!

i've been on this server for quite a while and even played some games, but never properly introduced myself.

i'm from indonesia.

the first time i played resident evil: outbreak was when i was in the first grade, almost 20 years ago. so, being able to play the game again, online this time, really elevated my childhood memory! i'm forever thankful for the team who resurrected the online server, you guys deserve the world!

i play the game using my macbook pro mid-2012, i switched the optical drive for a second ssd some time ago and i installed windows 11 on it and pcsx2 works like a charm through it. honestly, i'm not much of a gamer.

i found this guy's method to be the best:
i tried using other methods before that one but they didn't work.

if you ever wanna play together, just hit me up through:
discord: asexualguy#2706
in-game id: 6TCK1C

that's all for my introduction, cheers everyone!