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Hello, I'm new and from Spain \o

The place for new forum members to introduce themselves.
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Hello, I'm new and from Spain \o

Postby Ivandsi2211 » Fri Jun 17, 2022 5:44 pm

So I saw someone stream the game on singleplayer not that long ago and it made want to try out it myself and maybe play some Online as well.
I hope I'm able to have fun with everyone who feels like joining in for a game :)

Also, just want to comment that I've been trying to activate my account for 2 weeks till I saw a comment in the Introductions sections mentioning how these forums can't deal with Gmail account all that well so this is actually my second account.
I would like it if the first one could be activated as well if only to delete it so I don't have two of them sitting there, the nickname of that account is Ivandsi

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