As New As They Come!

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As New As They Come!

Postby Synthvain » Sun Jul 11, 2021 12:49 am


Just wanted to first show my appreciate and gratitude for you guys bringing back an opportunity of something I have finally have had to play!

Had outbreak when it first came out both 1 and 2. Never had a chance to go online with it on the PS2!

Here we are some years later and some fine talents have done something I would not have even thought possible lol.

So big thank you to all staff of OBSRV!

I have been enjoying much so ever since finding out about you guys! Obviously a big RE fan here.

And glad to be part of something with other fans as well! Will we ever get a remake of outbreak/New 1 in general? Idk tbh but kinda hoping so.
(even tho we heard that awesome lil easter egg with supposedly Kevin Ryman in RE3Remake)

But regardless thats why I am totally stoked to be playing the original and even better online!

So again! THANK YOU!

ohyeahandimnewherelol :mrgreen:

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Re: As New As They Come!

Postby EXP » Fri Aug 27, 2021 5:17 am

Welcome to the boards. May Outbreak live on forever.
Image Outbreaker since '04.

"The most exhilarating part of Outbreak is making sure both you and your teammates survive unscathed through a thrill we like to call panic."

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