Hey, everyone.

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Hey, everyone.

Postby SorryBones » Fri May 08, 2020 3:30 am

It's good to see this effort to keep the game alive! I've never played Outbreak back in the day, and for the longest time I had only played RE4 and some co-op of RE5. But after hearing good things about the RE2 remake, I bought and played it. And once I got the horror itch, I emulated the original RE2.

Classic RE has really got me going. Beat the scenarios and played RE3, I haven't played either the OG or remade RE1 but it's on the list. And after seeing the disappointment of Resistance I got turned onto this whole community by some of those prominent RE YouTubers.

The existence of a story based classic RE multiplayer is absolutely insane to me. I can't believe it exists. Thank God for the early days of console gaming or it may not have existed in the first place. I just had to try it, so I jumped through the hoops and have it sitting on my PC right now. Assuming I did it right, I'll be looking around for games after giving it some test runs in singleplayer.

I can't wait to try this unique game. I usually dig into a game for a while then move on, but resurrection projects like this have always had a higher return rate. It's one of those unique scenarios where it's like the old days of needing a community to play, and I like that.

See you out there. :arrow:

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Re: Hey, everyone.

Postby hill73n » Fri May 08, 2020 8:42 am

Welcome to the wonderful OB community. Hope you enjoy this unique game, which unfortunately is only a mere shadow of what the director actually wanted to achieve, but there were both technical (DVD size etc) and financial issues which brought this about.

Nevertheless we still love it with all its flaws...

Catch you around in the OBSRV Discord channel :).

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