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New Here

The place for new forum members to introduce themselves.
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New Here

Postby mbellResEvil » Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:47 pm

Hey everyone, I am new here.

My name is Matt and I started playing Resident Evil when 2 came out on N64. I have played through almost every Resident Evil game and enjoy each one. I never got the chance to play outbreak online because ps2 had a wonky online system.

Is there anything I need to know to get started?

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Re: New Here

Postby hill73n » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:07 am

Hi and welcome :).

Best place to start is here: viewforum.php?f=13 if you are intending to play using PCSX2 emulator.

Note: Unless you have a JAP PS2 or a modded PS2 that can play JAP disks, you will need ripped .ISO of the JAP game disks. US or PAL versions WILL NOT WORK with OBSRV.ORG. It only emulates the original Japanese KDDI servers.

Warning: It can take quite a bit of work to get everything running if you don't go the JAP PS2 or modded PS2 route, but definitely worth the effort once you get online! :D . If you have problems with the process just ask in the obsrv.org chatbox on main page. Usually somebody there can help out. All the tutorials you need are available or linked to in the forum so have a look there first, but don't be shy to ask in the chatbox for somebody to point you to the right info if you are struggling ;).

Hit me up for a game if you see me online. Always happy to help out those learning or relearning this great game ;).

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Re: New Here

Postby FrankyP » Tue Jan 21, 2020 2:19 am

I am new as well iv been looking for other new people to play with cause playing with the long time pros is no fun they do everything and
theirs no struggle or challenge. Add me on Discord lets play ^^ Discord = FrankyP#1241

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Re: New Here

Postby yayox67589 » Wed Apr 03, 2024 6:46 pm

Hey there! Just jumping into the community (love seeing new faces!). Like Matt, I also got hooked on Resident Evil with the N64 release of RE2. Played through most of the series myself and always bummed I missed out on Outbreak online – that PS2 online cheap assignment services system was rough. Looking forward to diving in and seeing what everyone's been up to!

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