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guide: how to play f1 east area.

short notes for those not reading all the forums
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guide: how to play f1 east area.

Postby killme » Mon Feb 05, 2024 6:37 am

after choose new game in east area, you will see j's bar, but 2d picture, then you need wait for 10 minutes.
only player 1 can control your character, if you want more players, just wait and let them choose different characters.

after beat first scenario, you can save game, then choose next scenario, but random.

if your team cant see you in 2nd scenario lobby, press start button and choose east area again, then choose load game, until your team join lobby. but looks like george only can join the hive and dd, not sure.

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Re: guide: how to play f1 east area.

Postby frsoup » Thu Feb 15, 2024 3:47 pm

I tried to play this one time but never had my game fill up its like glitchy or something idk. The idea is cool if it would just work

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Re: guide: how to play f1 east area.

Postby 0Cool » Sat Feb 24, 2024 3:09 pm

This area works, the problem, or at least in my case, is that if someone else joins and then regrets it and leaves the room, the game screws you up because when you go to start you will get a beautiful zombie screen making lose the 10 minutes you waited, people should be aware that this happens and know that if they join and are not willing to wait, do not enter and ruin the game for those who are willing to wait the 10 minutes.

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