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8/6/22 Update: Login fixed.

short notes for those not reading all the forums
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8/6/22 Update: Login fixed.

Postby Isles487 » Thu Aug 04, 2022 12:23 am

Everyone should be able to login again, whether using manual or auto-login. The below steps are here in case anyone can't get then auto-login feature to work when signed into the forum.

We've been hearing from a number of people that since the servers returned recently, they are able to reach the login page in the game, but no login buttons or fields appear, leaving them stuck. If that's the case, please try this:

For each person in your home with an obsrv account:

1) Close out of the emulator completely.

2) Log into obsrv forum and click on your name in the upper right, user control panel, click "profile" tab, then "Manage Remember me keys." Delete all.

3) Delete all cookies from obsrv. Bottom right of forum index page, click "delete cookies."

4) Clear web browser cache, either the entire cache, or only for obsrv.org.

5) Log out and log back in to the forum

6) Try again

A couple of people have stated that clearing their browser cache was the critical step. If none of the other steps work, this should do it . Of course, before clearing the cache, log out of the forum first, then log back in again, *then* try to connect in the game.


Manual logins may not be working for anyone right now. Try to use auto-login by signing into the forum before connecting with the emulator until we get this fixed. This means if you have more than one person in your home playing the game, only one will be able to play for the time being since auto-login will only work for one person.

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Re: Login not working? No buttons or fields? Try this.

Postby LINEPOP999 » Thu Aug 04, 2022 2:47 pm

It works, thank you so muchhhhh :D

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