Glitches and Game Breaking Bugs

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Re: Glitches and Game Breaking Bugs

Postby Herbivore » Sun Nov 15, 2020 6:30 pm

I've had Raymond run out of Shotgun Shells at the doors once.
wait.... so that technicaly means, that Raymond actualy CAN run out of shotgun shells, as if he was a human player or one of those singleplayer-NPCs? O_O. On the other Hand, that doesnt mean that the Game is Softlocked, since, i am sure, the Player(s) can still use either Weapons or Bodychecks to open the Door manualy. :)
No. The double doors simply would not open. We wasted ammo on it too and tackles. At some point, Raymond stopped shooting entirely. We couldn't finish the game at all.
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