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short notes for those not reading all the forums
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Updates: 7/24/22, added no impersonation rule.
8/6/22: Turbo expressly prohibited.
5/10/24: Explicitly prohibiting creation of multiple accounts for the purpose of evading personal bans.

Forum Rules
In addition to the rules discussed here:
  1. Members may NOT discuss any sort of piracy or warez. This includes asking for links to copyrighted materials such as ISO or BIOS files. And no, just because you own the game already does NOT mean you are entitled to download a copy you found online. You are only allowed to play copies you yourself have made. Users breaking this rule may receive a ban without warning. obsrv.org has never supported piracy and never will. Purchase your Japanese copies of the games and dump them yourself. Members may also NOT provide links to copyrighted material to other users.
  2. Do NOT advertise other sites. We are not interested in whatever you are selling.
  3. Members may NOT flame, troll, or harass other members. Do not stir up drama. Blatantly offensive comments directed at other members will not be tolerated and may be removed. Members are free to voice their opinions and debate with each other, however there is a limit to how heated a debate can get before a moderator must step in. We also understand that friends or some users like to joke around with each other and that not everything they say is to be taken seriously. However, if a moderator asks that you stop, then STOP. If you are INTENTIONALLY harassing other members, you will be disciplined. PERIOD. Flaming in self-defense is also strictly prohibited. If someone is harassing you, report them or ignore them.
  4. That being said, do not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws be it of your country, the country where “Outbreak Server Recreation Project” is hosted or International Law.
  5. Do NOT backseat moderate. This means, don't go calling for a moderator to ban another user. The moderators will handle a report as they see fit.
  6. Do NOT argue with the moderators. If we tell you to stop, STOP. If you feel that this is unfair, we can provide you with an explanation. If you think you have a reasonable case against a judgement call, you are free to PM a moderator.
  7. Before making a topic, do a search to see if your question or topic has already been answered/made. New threads should be posted in the appropriate sub-forum.
  8. Do NOT post any obscene or vulgar content on the site. This includes pornography and (real life) gore.
  9. Do not bump a thread over 2 weeks old if you have nothing meaningful or won't contribute to the discussion.
  10. NO creation of accounts with usernames that are similar enough to moderators to be considered impersonation.

  • Links to modded ISO's are NOT ALLOWED! Do not release your mod as a patched ISO file. Users must still procure their own copy of the game to use as a base.
  • Mods must be distributed as patches or as raw, edited files.
  • Mods must be edited in some meaningful way. This means you can't simply change one pixel on a texture and release it to the public. This is almost as bad as releasing an unmodified ISO. Palette swaps are okay.
  • This site is SFW (Safe For Work). This means, no nude mods, no porn. I understand these games are rated M for mature, but if you wouldn't be allowed to view this at work, you can't post it here.
  • Keep in mind that hacks that change levels/item placement/enemy placement won't be seen by other users who do not have the mods installed. DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE. Don't use mods that alter character/enemy stats, framedata, hitboxes, damage output, item placement, level geometry, etc. Any mod that would result in an incompatibility with vanilla users is not allowed. If I am playing an unmodified game and you have a mod that alters item placement, it can cause adverse effects on me and others. Mods that would result in compatible gameplay with vanilla users is allowed. i.e. custom camera angles, retextures, translation patches, sound and music edits. Any other modifications need to be cleared with the other players before starting a match. If not, it could get you banned or a warning.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content at any time.

Server Rules

All of the rules above apply here as well.
  1. Do NOT do anything that would impede the progress of other players. This includes teamkilling, hiding key items, intentionally using healing items to prevent other players from healing, etc. This is a COOP game. The goal of the game is to survive, not to prevent others from surviving. This does not mean you can't go your own way, but don't intentionally prevent other players from winning as well.
  2. Do NOT use cheats of any kind. Anything that cannot be achieved through normal play is considered cheating. The only exception to this rule is using File 3 characters. Infinite health, infinite ammo outside of the infinity area, walk-through-walls, and stat modifiers are all considered cheating. There may be many other cheats not on this list that can get you banned. If you need to ask if it's okay to use, don't use it, or ask a moderator. Using outside programs to view the game's internal memory or RNG values, while technically not cheating, may be considered dishonorable, and you may get outcast by your peers. This is still a gray area and is handled case by case.
  3. Attacking other players as a zombie is allowed. It was always an intended gameplay mechanic. However, do not INTENTIONALLY get killed just to attack other players.
  4. No turbo mode. Deactivating the framerate limiter, a.k.a, "turbo mode" adds lag, can lead to desyncs, and can have other harmful effects including putting your teammates in a worse position when it comes to monster positioning. Use it and you will be banned.
  5. Do not make new accounts for the purpose of evading personal bans. While we understand that the personal ban function may end up being used in a petty, personal, and unjustified manner, it is still the prerogative of everyone to blacklist users from joining their own hosted games.
Bans are performed on a case by case basis, so it is important to note that context matters and the more concrete evidence, the better. EVERY MODERATOR IS DIFFERENT. There are no set guidelines for determining ban length which is why we stress you to stop when told by a moderator. But if you get banned:
  1. Do NOT make new accounts to evade a server ban. This goes double if your ban is only temporary. It doesn't help your case if we see you breaking the rules, and then making a new account to bypass the ban. Ban evasion can lead to a PERMANENT BAN, so if you value your privilege to play on this server, then we recommend you bite the bullet and just serve out your temporary ban.
Newbie Tips for a better gameplay and forum experience
  • If you are new, be aware that games may be hosted on Very Hard difficulty. If you are up for the challenge, make sure that the other players are aware of your newbie status to prevent unnecessary drama, later.
  • Listen to adlib commands from other players. If a character is telling you to wait, go, or come on, it is probably for good reason.
  • Try not to take the game so seriously. Yes, the game can be stressful when something goes wrong, but there is no need to point fingers.
  • If someone is trying to blame you for a bad game, or if someone is just trying to provoke you in general, laugh it off. Don't stoop to their level and throw insults at each other.
  • The Shoutbox is intended for a more laid-back form of communication between forum members. That being said, the general rules of forum etiquette still apply. Still, it can also serve as a way of off-topic discussion between players. And if you prefer to just play with your friends, you can invite each other to one of your private lobbies for an exclusive game chat.
  • You can reply to users faster on the shoutbox by clicking on the "@" next to their username. Hold it down to private message them.
  • Use the banlist! If you don't want someone in your game, you can add them to your banlist and prevent them from joining games you host. Useful against petty cheaters who use infinite ammo hacks.
  • Use the IGNORE feature on the shoutbox. If someone is trying to harass you, just click on their name on the user list to the right of the shoutbox and select IGNORE. You will no longer see posts from that user.
    Remember, not every situation calls for a moderator to step in. Use the IGNORE feature and BANLIST for situations within your control.
  • If the situation requires a moderator's intervention and there are none around, use the modbell and leave a detailed description of the problem. (Screencaps help) We will try to resolve the situation when we become available.
And of course, as always, HAVE FUN!

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HI there. How do you get your rankings to show up? I have saved the game several times as my character stats are saving but none of my scores are saving on my personal or online ranking?



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