Original player from outbreaks release

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Original player from outbreaks release

Postby Zackreaver » Mon Jun 25, 2018 2:05 am

Hello everyone, this is not my first rodeo here, I found this server revival a while back and was ultimately excited to introduce this game to my friends.

I remember playing this game back when outbreak came out and had my fat ps2 setup with the harddrive and ethernet cable, it was tons of fun and also very hard to play. There is just no game like outbreak out there.

Looking to meet other people to play the game with, I primarily play on emulator as my fat ps2 has long since kicked the bucket. I have fully beaten file 1 on normal-hard. Still struggling to complete scenarios on very hard, and have yet to fully complete a run through file 2.

I enjoy playing with players of all skill levels but I especially enjoy playing with new players, it's exciting to help guide them through the levels and hear their surprise at the games tricks and traps.

Looking forward to have fun just like back in the old days.

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Re: Original player from outbreaks release

Postby Lapreea » Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:10 pm

I'm always available for some resident evil, also to add me on steam or anything else I always use Lapreea, if there is a game and that name works, its always me :D. I am also an original player from outbreak, I used to spend years playing this game lone wolf on hard lol, but I never could manage lone wolf VH, with team mates it is not so bad though :)

Hope to see you around,

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