Greetings, dear people of OBSRV

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Greetings, dear people of OBSRV

Postby Seitora » Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:15 pm

Hello people, no I am not that humble.

I am just your random video gamer, stuck in his room, doing nothing cause I am just a lazy idiot, thus I will surely get over it someday. I played a LOT of games, but your main interest would be which Resident Evils I finished, I guess.
I've done RE1, RE3, RE3, RE: Code Veronica X, RE4, and that's all. I've watched walkthrough, don't mock me, of RE5, RE6 and RE7. Also the first Outbreak, but that was a long time ago and I totally forgot.

I've always been interested in playing the Outbreak ones, but never really found a copy, not in my country. Thus I found out some people, those running this website of course, got everything back up to play online with people. It took me at least 7 hours to figure out why the Last Connection wasn't working. Turns out I am a tremendous idiot.

Thus I am not gonna lie, I've mainly done all of those to play with a fellow friend of mine, if he someday decides to do all the process too. Meanwhile, I'll try to get a hand of the game. If you don't mind me sticking with you of course.

Anyhoo, nice to meet you all, and please treat me well. Since I am most likely going to be a pain in the ass, spamming the right stick screaming "HELP !". Good luck !

P.S: Oh my, all those VERY HARD lobbies are gonna be a torture. I'll thoroughly enjoy it.

actually I am pretty scared of those

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Re: Greetings, dear people of OBSRV

Postby Ptaward » Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:00 am

Greetings to you sir

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