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Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:20 pm
by wicked1one11!!
Hi everyone! Old player returning to the scene after what felt like forever. I used to play both file 1 and 2 all the damn time, back when my screen name was "Sik_Sad_Emo_Kid" (Yeah, I went through the dorky phases through high school, we all did).

I remember spending full summers out of school, on the phone with my friend, playing online with him and randoms.
Ironically I only found out about this because I've recently been replaying to trying to 100% everything again (Was working on SP items) when I stumbled upon this place :D

Hope to get an emu up and running soon so I can join the beta fun!

Re: Hola!

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:22 pm
by Anzu
Welcome dude. :)

Re: Hola!

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:36 pm
by the_fog
Welcome to the board, wicked1one11!!