Hey everyone. New player here.

The place for new forum members to introduce themselves.
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Hey everyone. New player here.

Postby celestialbeing » Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:35 am

Hi, first off just let me say that this is an absolutely amazing project. Seriously, props to everyone who has worked and is working on it. I am blown away that I can experience this game again. I played a lot as a kid (never knew what I was doing but I had fun doing it).

I consider myself a big newbie nub right now. I hopped in straight off the gun to a Normal Wild Things and got lost and carried by an amazing team, thanks to the Kathy(?) for helping me through by the way. She came back and found me when I was getting pecked to death in some random part of the map lol. So..that's my first experience, going to fall back to Easy until I learn.

But still I had an awesome time being able to relive this game. I'll definitely be playing a bit more in the future.

Any other new players wanna team up and play((die and get eaten by zombies most likely)), or veterans who won't mind me wandering off through a door never to be seen again, until I learn and get a bit better?

Nice to meet you all, seems like a nice community! And again, amazing job!

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Re: Hey everyone. New player here.

Postby Yubari » Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:54 am

Hello celestialbeing, welcome to the server! Yes, this server is an incredible job, Outbreak for me is my life, when I think of the game the first that comes in my head is the Outbreak. I've also played it since I was a kid, actually since when it was released, this server is cool and the members here too, so have fun and I tell you again: WELCOME!
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Re: Hey everyone. New player here.

Postby RiZzO_420X » Fri Sep 28, 2018 2:44 am

Hiya. Enjoy yourself here. Outbreak 4evah. :)

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