Give a round appplause!!

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Give a round appplause!!

Postby Leny » Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:44 am

The guy who never said he was never going to join this server, then a few months later said IF he ever did came back. He will not tell anyone about it. Well guess what, he is a man of his word, yet does not have the balls to deathmatch anymore. Called himself the best deathmatcher back then, when he would fap to Karl or Gold on Outbreak easy. And for all of you who don't know what is Deathmatch, hence it's when you fight another player vs player. And Outbreak on easy had over 20, 45 bullets for a kevin type and over 200 hg rounds for a mark type. This was soo 2007 and rest in pasta on it. For all you peeps who think your the best on Outbreak, it be you Kalle,Freak or Rizzo. There will always be someone better on any game, thing is their not ranting or telling their friends to rant their the "best". Here's the link for you people who have no idea who im talking about. Again give a loud applause for the guy, he deserves the intro on this site.

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