Biohazard Outbreak File#1 is back online

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Re: Biohazard Outbreak File#1 is back online

Postby Sko0b » Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:24 am

:mrgreen: Here, a fist full of ammo, an apple n' a paperclip .... Dnt talk to strangers . Goodluck son!

If jesus would have resurected like that, i would have been at church by now. Spreading the news with large caliber bullets with a 2nd monocle and an awsum hat over that Ç_ç

Seriously, i hope this will break their bubble and make them start realising whats going wrong. And start mining the potentiel of it :))
are u jesus?

Thanks For bringing us back the greatest Multiplayer-Survival game.
I am sure that every "true" RE fans will appreciate for your great work.
Jesus resurected once ..... has i remember ... i guess ... aint sure no more ... i really dnt care finally

But if it is, dude jesus one, You did twice and probably close to trice !!!!!


He must be godlike ... or sum kind of stuff like that

Still it breaks my heart, no pc ``Broken waitin for my order`` 4 weeks. Faild modding my ps2 slim, stuck with ps3 browser, laggy has ... stuff .... Hold my hand im falling appart :'( Drop me a cookie :'(

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Re: Biohazard Outbreak File#1 is back online

Postby hunkBHFR » Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:20 pm

I don't know what happens tonight, but I've already got 2 deconnexions.
One with the zombie screen and an other when I decided to launch the game witk ALINHO (sorry guy/girl).
Does anything's going wrong ?

Edit : The third time I played BFP, after the game and the Memory Card saved the game, i will not be able to return in the room for chatting... a screen in japanese appeared to say something, then I had to reset my console for returning online...
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